Fuji Keisoku System Co., Ltd.


Improving measurement and control technology, and contributing to industry development.

We are a company operating in the field of measurement and control instruments, designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing order-made testing equipment with a focus on research, development and evaluation in the automobile industry. Our company celebrated its 36th anniversary.This is thanks to your support. We will further refine our measurement and control technology, aiming to create revolutionary products and services of value in order to contribute to the advancement and development of the industry. We appreciate your continued support and guidance.

President & CEO
Akira Yoshihiro

Management Philosophy

Receiving a smile and a “thank you” from our customers for a job well done leads to the personal growth of our employees and the happiness of their families. Together, we wish to contribute to the happiness of the entire human race.

Quality Policy

We will endeavor to maintain and improve the quality of our products and services in order to receive a smile and a “thank you” from our customers.

All of our employees continuously strive to improve internal system architecture and product quality through the ISO9001 quality management system.

Always keeping the customer’s requirements firmly in mind, we attempt to develop new technology and processes necessary to the operation of our company.