Fuji Keisoku System Co., Ltd.


Professional Manufacturer of Measurement and Control Devices

FUJI KEISOKU SYSTEMS Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of measurement devices that provides a one-stop service in terms of design, manufacture, testing, delivery, installation, and after-sales services of devices that are made-to-order to meet the needs of our customers, who are primarily engaged in the research and development of self-driving data collection devices, measurement and control devices, and testing systems that are used in the research, development, performance evaluations, and endurance testing of powertrains (the power transmission device that includes the engine and transmission, etc.) in the field of measurement and control devices. We are responding to the needs of the times by selling measurement and control devices for EVs and hybrid automobiles. We have one-of-a-kind technology, particularly in the field of self-driving measurement and control devices, and have received high commendations from the leading major automobile manufacturers in Japan. We hope to continue to support global manufacturers through “measurements”, by providing services that will be received with a smile and a “Thank You” by our customers, through our solid technology and supported by the humanity of our employees.

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We manufacture products that meet our customers’ needs flexibly.
We have a full and varied line of products including comprehensive testing facilities to collate the data required for research and development, measurement devices boasting a high degree of precision and reliability, peripheral equipment that supports the creation of the conditions necessary for testing work, and transfer systems that allow testing work to be streamlined and expedited.
FUJI KEISOKU SYSTEMS manufactures these products under an integrated system that comprises the design of the casing to the design of the electrical circuits, and even the design and development of the software.
We have extensive experience designing logic circuits using FPGA as well as high-speed processing operations using DSP, and can design and develop cost-effective devices through an integrated production system that covers everything from the receipt of orders to delivery. Specialist engineers in the three divisions of electrical, mechanical, and software handle the design of the circuits, the design of the machinery, and software development, respectively. We also provide the best possible after-sales service after delivery of our products. We hope that our technology and products will be able to play a role in saving labor, streamlining, and speeding up research and design at your company.

Our Business Process

We have a wide variety of customers, including automobile manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, construction equipment manufacturers, oil manufacturers, rail manufacturers, and research and development manufacturers. Most of our products are made to order, in accordance with the following process.


Inquiries from Customers

We receive inquiries from customers through email, phone calls, and our website. If we have an existing relationship, we may receive inquiries on-site about new products, modifications, inspections, relocations, and repairs.


Discussions on Detailed Specifications

In order to manufacture measurement and control devices that satisfy the customers’ needs, we interview them in advance to confirm detailed requirements and submit an estimate.


Finalization of Specifications

After receiving the order from the customer, we will prepare manufacturing specifications and external view diagrams for final confirmations with the customer on the specifications for manufacture.



We will use specialized software (Office, 3DCAD, electrical CAD, etc.) to prepare the designs and manuals, etc. for the device in accordance with the finalized specifications.



We will assemble the device piece by piece, in accordance with the design drawings.



We carry out checks of components and continuity checks, and then use measurement devices to collect data for each measurement item to confirm that the device works in accordance with the specifications.


Delivery/Setup/Acceptance Testing

After testing is completed, the device is packed and delivered to the customer. We install the device on-site at the customer, and run through operations checks and handling instructions for acceptance testing purposes.


After-sales Support

After delivery, we continue to support our customers through periodic inspections of the device (calibrations and inspections) and repairs. We also carry out overhauls, or propose new models.

Measurement and control devices require periodic maintenance after implementation to ensure the validity of their evaluation results. At FUJI KEISOKU SYSTEMS, we manufacture everything from the design of the casing to the electrical circuits and the design and development of the software under an integrated system. We can provide high-quality after-sales support at reasonable prices that are only possible because we are capable of handling everything in-house. We will submit test certificates, calibration certificates, and traceability system diagrams after periodic inspections. We can also enter into maintenance agreements on a per-product basis.